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Vancouver Island tourism industry defends fall snowbird ads, attacks proposed travel ban

By Brishti Basu
January 16, 2021

Border closures and a search for warmer temperatures brought snowbirds flocking to the Island. But have travellers contributed to a surge in COVID-19?


Canada’s biggest community of little free libraries has only grown stronger through COVID-19

By Emily Fagan
December 12, 2020

Some of the book exchanges have pivoted to hand sanitizer and puzzles, but books are still circulating


On rented time: the enduring appeal of Victoria's Pic-A-Flic

By Jimmy Thomson
December 11, 2020

Movie rental isn't so much a dying business as a dead one. So why does Pic-A-Flic refuse to lie down?


Two bucks an hour: pay for many BC paramedics stuck in a previous era

By Jolene Rudisuela
December 10, 2020

Many BC paramedics are paid on a system that only pays if they get a call—and they say it's driving people away


Are you part of Victoria's One Percent?

By Snejana Vorona
December 9, 2020

Analysis of recent economics data shows a widening gulf between average workers and the top. That has been shown to sow social discontent and even worsen the spread of COVID-19.

Overdose Crisis

Lifesaving drug test not available to users on Vancouver Island

By Brishti Basu
December 8, 2020

Fentanyl test strips are approved for use at home—but you can only get them in Vancouver and the BC Interior, baffling experts


The dark money that built Victoria's Craigdarroch Castle

By Ann Edelstein
December 6, 2020

The Dunsmuir fortune was built on deadly mine conditions, strike-breaking, racist fearmongering, and stolen land


Will your mask end up in the sea? 

By Tim Ford
December 7, 2020

A new study estimates more than 1.5 billion masks will enter the oceans this year. 


A COVID-19 vaccine is coming. The waiting list will be long.

By Harley Gordon
December 3, 2020

The Pfizer vaccine could be approved within a week. What happens next?