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Capital Daily is Victoria’s home for longform, analytical, investigative and explanatory journalism. Victoria is a city with a high saturation in daily news, from television and radio stations to daily and weekly newspapers and online outlets. But many are not given the time and space to pursue stories that go beyond the daily developments. That’s why we’re launching our Capital Daily Membership program. A chance for you to engage with our team and help us grow and continue to provide thoughtful, smart stories!


What does membership get you?

  • Automatic access to our Capital Daily Community Council where you can participate in events such as Q&As or virtual forums with our Managing Editor, editorial team, and special guests. Here, you can ask questions and share your thoughts on upcoming stories directly with us and your fellow members.
  • Access to our special members-only newsletter, where our team will share Capital Daily highlights, upcoming member-only events, and stories that we’re working on.
  • Access and discounts to exclusive events and experiences. From cooking classes, restaurant tastings, to guest Speaker Series, we’ll be planning some exciting events for our valued members!
  • Special mention in our Member Section on our Capital Daily website.
  • Access to offers from our community partners including. Click here to learn more about these offers.
  • A Capital Daily branded t-shirt designed and distributed by Capital Daily and Brandigenous; our gift to you!

Why Membership Matters

At Capital Daily, the connection to our community is at the heart of every story we tell. With a membership, but you’ll be helping to bring local-first community news to your neighbourhood.

Your membership means our in-depth journalism can remain free for everyone regardless of whether they can afford it. It means we can send reporters out to dig into the stories other media don't have the time to dig into.

This year alone, we were able to launch two new community news experiences with The Westshore, our newsletter focused on Canada’s fastest growing region, and The Good News(letter), a weekly roundup of good news from the community.

With your support, we can continue to grow and provide even more hyper-local journalism that goes beyond the headlines to cover the spaces, faces, and stories that matter to your community.

Capital Daily Editor Jimmy Thomson wears a mask while interviewing a person outside a protest at Chuck's Burger Bar in Victoria, BC.

Our family loves getting our Capital Daily hits of quality news reporting. You have quickly become our favourite local news source.

— Melinda Jolley

Just want to thank you for your outstanding research and reporting, which is by far the best on the Island, and compares favourably with anything done by Canadian media.

- Darwyn Stickle

Your coverage feels measured and humane. Your news is current and interesting.

- Maureen Dyson


Membership is $99/year. When you break it down that is only $8.25/month, the cost of a coffee and a muffin, to support local journalism in your community.

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