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Patients and nurses are feeling the squeeze of staffing shortages—but they don't feel free to talk about it

By Brishti Basu
May 19, 2022

Shortages have meant overworked staff, a slide in patient care, and even temporary hospital ward closures

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Andrew Huberman

PhD., Neuroscientist + Professor, Standford School of Medecine


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‘The unstoppable wave’: how youth climate activists are making a difference

New award aims to inspire more youth to take steps against climate change


This Victoria family is facing eviction. Here are their options.

By Martin Bauman
May 17, 2022

From Residential Tenancy Branch disputes to co-operative housing hurdles


How a Victoria choir is helping people living with dementia

Research on Voices in Motion showed singing with the choir reduced some symptoms of dementia by half

Lindsay Buziak

Father of murdered real estate agent Lindsay Buziak sued for defamation

By Zander Sherman
May 12, 2022

Buziak's father, Jeff, is among three people named in the lawsuit filed in BC Supreme Court. In exclusive interviews, the Zailo family is speaking out for the first time in more than a decade


Off-leash dog debate out-of-hand at Cadboro Bay beach

By Ryan Hook
May 10, 2022

Whether dogs should or shouldn’t wear a leash has become so contentious at this neighbourhood beach, police have gotten involved


Gaining Momentum: local volleyball club brings home first provincial gold

Victoria's Momentum Volleyball launched six years ago with a goal of teaching the sport differently


Police announce fines—but no criminal charges—in December hit-and-run caught on video

A lawyer tells us the bar for criminal charges is difficult to meet, even with video evidence


Opinion: Victoria's fleeing families are a product of our housing decisions

By Luke Mari
May 5, 2022

New statistics show the ratio of kids added per unit of housing—and it seems what we're building is not what families want


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