Mark Brennae

Climate Change

Check out Sidney’s new bike repair kit—a first for BC

Mark Brennae
Feb 23, 2024

“Their main model is lending things out to people for free, for the community benefit and so it’s a pretty natural alignment.” - Kira Gill-Maher, a climate action & policy planner with the Town of Sidney, and the project’s manager.


Saanich releases its proposed road safety plan

Mark Brennae
Feb 22, 2024

The district wants to hear how Saanichites feel about the proposal in an accompanying survey, which will remain online until the end of March.


Rifflandia Festival moving out of Royal Athletic Park and into Rock Bay

Mark Brennae
Feb 21, 2024

“This is a decision we started pondering months and months before the CFL news broke." Nick Blasko, Rifflandia Festival president and CEO.

Dating and Sex

How some of our readers found love

Mark Brennae
Feb 14, 2024

Love takes various forms and gets ahold of us in various ways, from having your future hubby hurl chestnuts at you and your friends to moving in together after a hurricane destroys your home


This is a good week to do something nice for a stranger (not that it should only happen now)

Mark Brennae
Feb 14, 2024

It's Random Act of Kindness Week: Have you done something kind for someone?

Civil Unrest

Langford councillor 'harassed' by 'disgruntled' citizen, mayor says

Mark Brennae
Feb 14, 2024

"There has been obvious disgruntlement since the previous election again, by a small, very vocal minority. And yes, there has been an escalation in their comments and actions. And we're at a point that we are coming to you right now to say this cannot continue." - Langford Mayor Scott Goodmanson.

Good news

Victoria's Michael Saunders joins baseball elite with name etched on Wall of Excellence

Mark Brennae
Jan 26, 2024

Saunders couldn’t have known at age 11 when accompanying his Gordon Head Little League teammates to Seattle to see his first MLB game that one day he would play there.


New indoor pickleball ‘hub’ to open in March

Mark Brennae
Jan 23, 2024

Westshore facility arrives as local councils try to serve both the sport's growing popularity and neighbours' concerns about space and noise