‘The unstoppable wave’: how youth climate activists are making a difference

New award aims to inspire more youth to take steps against climate change


Off-leash dog debate out-of-hand at Cadboro Bay beach

By Ryan Hook
May 10, 2022

Whether dogs should or shouldn’t wear a leash has become so contentious at this neighbourhood beach, police have gotten involved


Victoria clothing companies wrestle with fashion's wooliest questions

By Ayesha Habib
Apr 22, 2022

Anian has taken over Victoria with recycled wool clothes, even expanding to Vancouver—and it's not alone in the city's green fashion movement. How far can it grow without sacrificing its core values?


Oak Bay has 28,000 new residents: Bowker Creek’s chum salmon eggs

By Emily Fagan
Feb 4, 2022

Meet the people leading the Bowker Creek Salmon resurgence


Fairy Creek injunction is back in place by order of the BC appeal court

By Zoë Ducklow
Jan 27, 2022

The original injunction expired in October, but a temporary injunction has been active since


Despite promised reforms, Fairy Creek is far from over

By Zoë Ducklow
Nov 25, 2021

Deferrals and changes to logging legislation is coming. But the activists aren’t leaving


How can you find out if you live in a Vancouver Island high-risk flood zone?

By Brishti Basu
Nov 21, 2021

Flood risk expert Jason Thistlethwaite says Vancouver Island’s flood maps are outdated and inaccessible


Where have the mushrooms gone?

By Zoë Ducklow
Nov 2, 2021

It's a bad year for certain kinds of popular mushrooms on Vancouver Island. We went mushroom hunting with two local experts to find out what's happening