OCPs, affordable housing, and the perfect Victoria: Capital Daily’s first Community Council session

Panelists discussed how increased density and broadscale upzoning would change communities


Increase in rental prices leads to a surge of ‘creative’ housing solutions in Victoria

Frustrated tenants are looking outside of the city for affordable housing or considering exploring alternative solutions instead


How a Sooke family fell through the cracks and into hidden homelessness

by Aaron Guillen
Jun 15, 2021

Non-profit says the current system is broken, doesn’t benefit low-income households


How to make space

By Jimmy Thomson
May 19, 2021

How Victoria could flip the script on density


Newly net-zero home in Oaklands has a little footprint but a big impact

by Kiley Verbowski
May 11, 2021

Homeowner, entrepreneur, and City of Victoria Climate Champion Wendy Littlefield hopes to inspire her local and global neighbours


Supportive housing at Mount Edwards has not destroyed its neighbourhood, four years later

By Josh Kozelj
May 6, 2021

As plans are implemented across the CRD to house people, can the integration of Mount Edwards be used as a template?


Tensions mount in Victoria's parks as the end of 24/7 sheltering arrives

By Emily Vance
May 2, 2021

Temporary shelters are being rejected by some campers despite investments to move everyone indoors


The 902 Foul Bay Road townhouse proposal has locals raging. We looked at all sides of the story.

By Emily Fagan
Mar 24, 2021

A townhouse proposal in Fairfield Gonzales is pitting neighbour against neighbour, with lessons for the future of Victoria’s housing market