Jimmy Thomson

Managing Editor


Jimmy is a multimedia journalist who has worked in every Arctic country, reporting on climate change, Indigenous communities, wildlife, and resources. His work has appeared in CBC, The Narwhal, Vice, The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and many others. He is a recent grantee of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and has received more than a dozen awards from Canadian and international bodies. Jimmy sits on the board of the Canadian Association of Journalists, where he co-chairs the Advocacy Committee, which is trying to make government more transparent among other initiatives. He used to write and edit for the Syrup Trap, a wildly popular satire site that published headlines like "Corb Lund euthanized after breaking a leg at the Calgary Stampede." Before he was a journalist he studied sea slug brains on Vancouver Island then worked as a guide and polar bear guard in the polar regions. When he's not working he's hanging with his niece or skiing on the North Island; someday he hopes to combine the two.

Tori Marlan

Investigative Reporter


Tori's in-depth reporting has been widely published in media outlets in the US and Canada, including The Walrus Magazine and CBC’s The Doc Project. Previously, she was a staff writer for the Chicago Reader, where her stories on the criminal justice system exposed police misconduct, illegal strip searches, and systemic problems with the Chicago Police Department’s staffing practices. After she wrote about the state of Illinois’ refusal to treat a prisoner for Hepatitis C, the Department of Corrections reversed course and began giving him and other prisoners the medical attention they needed. In 2006, she received an Alicia Patterson Foundation fellowship to write about children in US immigration detention centers.

Anna J. James

Investigative Reporter


Anna is an award-winning journalist originally from Sydney, Australia. She began her professional career in publishing at Wiley and then reported for Major League Baseball’s international office. Anna has written for Entrepreneur, Fox Sports, NSW Parliament, Narratively, ABC, Fortune, and other outlets in addition to regular guest spots on radio and podcasts. In 2017, she was awarded the Australian Press Council’s Journalism Student of the Year. The same year, she co-hosted a radio program in Byron Bay that won a Walkley Award for Innovation in Journalism grant. She is currently completing her thesis, Why We Need Baseball, within the MFA Creative Writing Program at the University of Victoria. She is happy to call Victoria home.

Emmalee Brunt

Community Manager


Emmalee is a creative content and communications specialist from Victoria, which is why she loves her role as Capital Daily's Community Manager. Over the past decade, she has worked in e-commerce, tech, entertainment, and winter sports, building and nurturing relationships around global brands through storytelling and community engagement. She loves the world of public relations and in past roles represented Mt. Seymour Resort, HITCASE, and multiple Canadian music festivals as their official spokesperson. She's also been invited to present on a variety of panels, including New York's CE WEEK. She is currently working on her master's degree in clinical psychology and in her spare time enjoys everything Victoria has to offer.

Ben Waterworth

Capital Daily Podcast Host


Ben is a radio host and journalist from Australia who has over 15 years experience in the industry. His voice has been heard across radio shows in three different countries and his award winning podcasts have racked up hundreds of thousands of downloads in more than 100 countries worldwide. He has interviewed everyone from royalty, Prime Ministers, Olympic gold medalists, and Oscar nominated actors and is renowned for his informative yet fun interview style. He holds a particular passion for sport and entertainment, and can be constantly seen supporting too many sporting teams or giving his opinion on too many movies or TV shows. Just be sure to never call him a Kiwi and you'll easily become his friend.

Tom Gierasimczuk

Partnerships & Monetization


Tom is an award-winning journalist and marketer who develops multi-platform, editorially driven strategies that engage audiences and infuse brand communication with a sense of purpose and utility. He's held leadership roles at Canada's largest media companies and globally focused branding agencies, transitioning legacy brands struggling with online engagement and revenue into lean, daily, audience-first resources focused on vital journalism, creative services, and event activation. He's launched businesses ranging from an adventure travel company in South America to media brands across the country. His writing and insights about marketing, tourism, and place branding have appeared in The New York Times, Entrepreneur, The Globe and Mail, The CBC, and many other outlets.