Jimmy Thomson

Managing Editor

[email protected] | @jwsthomson

Jimmy is a multimedia journalist who has worked in every Arctic country, reporting on how communities interact with their natural environments. His work has appeared in CBC, The Narwhal, Vice, The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and many others. He is a recent grantee of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and has received more than a dozen awards from Canadian and international bodies, including a 2022 Webster Award for Excellence in Multimedia Journalism and a 2021 Edward R. Murrow Award. He used to write and edit for the Syrup Trap, a wildly popular satire site that published headlines like "Corb Lund euthanized after breaking a leg at the Calgary Stampede." Before he was a journalist he studied sea slug brains on Vancouver Island then worked as a guide and polar bear guard in the polar regions. When he's not working he's hanging with his niece or skiing on the North Island; someday he hopes to combine the two.

Tori Marlan

Investigative Reporter

[email protected] | @torimarlan

Tori's in-depth reporting has been widely published in media outlets in the US and Canada, including The Walrus Magazine and CBC’s The Doc Project. Previously, she was a staff writer for the Chicago Reader, where her stories on the criminal justice system exposed police misconduct, illegal strip searches, and systemic problems with the Chicago Police Department’s staffing practices. After she wrote about the state of Illinois’ refusal to treat a prisoner for Hepatitis C, the Department of Corrections reversed course and began giving him and other prisoners the medical attention they needed. In 2006, she received an Alicia Patterson Foundation fellowship to write about children in US immigration detention centers.

Brishti Basu


[email protected]y.ca | @brish_ti

Brishti is a journalist covering issues relevant to Victoria and Vancouver Island with Capital Daily. She began her career in journalism as a reporter with Victoria Buzz in 2017, and has been published in places like VICE, The Tyee, National Geographic, BBC Future, and more. Her work so far covers a wide range of topics, from systematic racism to climate change, marine mammal welfare to culinary nomenclature, and beyond.

Shannon Waters

Municipal Affairs reporter

[email protected] | @sobittersosweet

Shannon began her reporting career in northern BC, covering communities from Smithers to Williams Lake and leading award-winning coverage of the 2017 wildfires. Her professional passions are politics, policy and people and the ways they intersect and influence each other.

As the founding reporter at BC Today, she spent years covering the BC legislature and provincial political scene in unique depth. Shannon has a knack for turning the nuts and bolts of government policy into engaging reporting. She prides herself on her ability to take information that makes a lot of people’s eyes glaze over and find the story within – what it means, how it matters and why you should care. When she’s not hustling for stories, you can find her cultivating her green thumb or biking to and from the beach, where she’s equally likely to be buried in a book or enjoying the ocean.

Nina Grossman

Newsletter editor

[email protected] | @ninagrossman

Nina was born in Halifax was raised from 7 years old onwards in Alberta. She has a degree in journalism from Mount Royal University and has nearly five years of experience working in community news, including time with Black Press Media, the Times Colonist and freelance work for the Discourse and Capital Daily. With a passion for animals, nature and wildlife, Nina is driven constantly by questions of why? and how? She finds joy and meaning in the connective power of storytelling and has immense gratitude for a career rooted in learning about the world around her. When she isn't writing or editing, Nina can be found painting, hiking and spending time with friends and family (usually in the presence of wine and/or cheese).

Jolene Rudisuela

Newsletter editor

[email protected] | @jrudisuela

Jolene is a journalist and editor who loves long-form, in-depth stories. She graduated from Mount Royal University with a degree in journalism and came out of the program with two national awards for her work on a multimedia story about a Calgary mobile home park. Being from Alberta, she got her first taste of Island life while working as a reporter with the Comox Valley Record, where she covered everything from aquaculture to the overdose crisis to Cumberland village council. Most recently, she spent a year as a copy editor with Pagemasters North America, working with clients like the Toronto Star and the Winnipeg Free Press.

Zoë Ducklow

Westshore reporter

[email protected] | @zoeducklow

Zoë Ducklow is located in the Westshore, speaks English and is a generalist reporter. Zoë has her Masters in Journalism from UBC, and prior to joining the Capital Daily team she was working at Black Press. She is a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists, and her honours and awards include: Susan Boyce, COPA nominee, and Ma Murray. You can reach Zoë by email at [email protected] or on Twitter @zoeducklow.

Ryan Hook

Food and Culture reporter

[email protected] | @ryanhookwrites

Ryan Hook is a journalist with a love of the strange and deranged. Originally from Edmonton, Ryan is now based in Esquimalt. He speaks English and graduated with a degree in Professional Communications from MacEwan University in 2019. From his time as an arts and culture reporter to his days as a health and wellness copywriter, Ryan has shifted his priorities the past year to begin reporting on the underserved and misreported. Since then, he has crafted a passion for reporting that’s landed him in publications such as VICE World News and Exclaim! Magazine. Beyond reporting, Ryan is also the lead singer/songwriter in his band, Baby Boy & the Earthly Delights, and is writing the first season of a children’s television show. Ryan is also a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists.

Emily Vance

Good Newsletter Editor

[email protected] | @emily_vance

Emily Vance is an award-winning journalist based in Victoria, BC. She is a graduate of BCIT’s Broadcast and Online Journalism program, and holds a B.A. in International Relations from UBC.

Newsletter editor