Tori Marlan

Investigative Reporter | @torimarlan

Tori's in-depth reporting has been widely published in media outlets in the US and Canada, including The Walrus Magazine and CBC’s The Doc Project. Previously, she was a staff writer for the Chicago Reader, where her stories on the criminal justice system exposed police misconduct, illegal strip searches, and systemic problems with the Chicago Police Department’s staffing practices. After she wrote about the state of Illinois’ refusal to treat a prisoner for Hepatitis C, the Department of Corrections reversed course and began giving him and other prisoners the medical attention they needed. In 2006, she received an Alicia Patterson Foundation fellowship to write about children in US immigration detention centers.

Cameron Welch

Newsletter Editor

Cameron Welch is Capital Daily's Newsletter Editor. He is based in Victoria, speaks English, and is a generalist reporter. Cameron is a writer, editor, designer, and community researcher raised in the Okanagan. His coverage has ranged from the Toronto Raptors' training camp to neighbourhood retaining-wall disputes. He has won a John H. MacDonald award as an investigative editor and has been nominated for one as a graphic designer. His hobbies include dancing, dressing, karaoke, computer time, winning at fantasy basketball, and losing at actual basketball.

Robyn Bell

Newsletter Writer and Reporter

Robyn Bell is a journalist with a love for daily news and pop culture. Having worked as a freelance writer and photographer in Toronto, where she focused on arts and event coverage, she's excited to be back in her hometown of Victoria, reporting on the community where she grew up. In her spare time she can be found reading on the beach, hiking at Mt. Doug, binging stand-up comedy or digging for vintage treasures at thrift stores.

Mark Brennae

Newsletter Editor

Mark Brennae is a journalist and editor who has resided in Victoria for 12 years. He worked as a sportswriter and broadcaster for The Canadian Press and Canadian Press Radio (then called Broadcast News), covering the NHL's Ottawa Senators, CFL's Ottawa Rough Riders, and IL's Ottawa Lynx, the former AAA affiliate of his all-time favourite team, the Montreal Expos. Mark has covered politics for CP for a decade, and he also worked in radio as a reporter, editor, anchor and talk-show host for more years than he would like to admit.