Crash victim says ICBC’s new Enhanced Care model is falling short

ICBC says the no-fault insurance model costs way less and is more equitable. But is it fair to those who are injured?


The Victoria airport bus is not coming

By Jimmy Thomson
Oct 20, 2021

Why we’re kidding ourselves when we wish for affordable airport transportation


What Victoria’s long-lost streetcars can tell us about the future

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Jun 8, 2021

Victoria grew up around a streetcar system that carried Victoria’s entire population every two days. Now the city is wrestling with transportation questions that could benefit from some old-fashioned wisdom


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Could passenger rail down the E&N solve Victoria's congestion woes?

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Nov 14, 2020

By 2038, a drive from Mill Bay to Victoria is expected to take 2 hours and 24 minutes


Restoring Island Rail Service Would Require More Than $700 million In Repairs: Report

Sean Craig
Apr 28, 2020

New report for the province proposes Langford to Victoria commuter rail by 2031


How Harbour Air Beat Everyone Else to the Electric Aviation Revolution

Electric planes work for Victoria and Vancouver in a way that they just don't anywhere else