Sidney Coles, Local Journalism Initiative

Derelict boats

Saving 'Pirate' Ryan

Multiple jurisdictions now involved in getting damaged boat off of Gonzales beach


Attorney general motion puts democracy on trial

The government argues consolidation will enhance public confidence and access to justice. Critics question whether it prioritizes public interest over government control.

Latest News

Cost reduction, not waste reduction, focus of CRD waste management

Municipalities in the region differ in their approach to waste management


Climate Justice Victoria calls on UVic to join campaign for bus lanes

Bottlenecking in holiday traffic refocuses need for rapid transit in the CRD


Restorative Justice Victoria gets a significant boost from the province

CRD program emphasizing accountability and healing gets $550K in funding


The scene is set for a new chapter in the CRD’s film industry

Studios on Malahat FN and the new head of Vancouver Island South Film & Media Commission infuse new energy into the film industry

City Hall

Accessibility remains a back-burner issue for Victoria city council and CRD board

There are still barriers to civic participation for those living with disabilities in the CRD


Colquitz bridges enhancement is a quick fix for commuters

Alternative options for traffic reduction are not as practical as the Colquitz bridges enhancement.