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Vancouver Island sits near dangerous section of Cascadia fault line

Robyn Bell
June 14, 2024

Scientists predict one large, long-lasting quake will hit the South Island, while multiple smaller quakes are expected in Oregon and Northern California.


City council pushes ahead with referendum on new Crystal Pool

Mark Brennae
June 13, 2024

Mayor Marianne Alto lamented not approving pool construction six years ago when it would have cost one-third the price. “If we had, we would be swimming in the pool by now,” she said.


1 in 5 downtown businesses says it’s bad enough to leave: DVBA report

Mark Brennae
June 12, 2024

Two-thirds (65.9%) of survey respondents said they saw “some” or “significant” increase in the impact street crime is having on their business.


E&N Trail collision puts focus on CRD Cruise with Courtesy campaign

Competing for space on regional trails, e-bike user numbers are on the rise.


Victoria swim team to relay around North Pender Island

Robyn Bell
June 10, 2024

The swimmers, who each live with an intellectual or physical disability, will swim in 10C waters—without wetsuits.


Nick Blasko on what to expect from Rifflandia 2024

Robyn Bell
June 7, 2024

Diversity in genre, sound, and generation is key to this year's lineup.