Why paramedics in BC are earning as little as $2 an hour

Why paramedics in BC are earning as little as $2 an hour

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We chat with reporter Jolene Rudisuela about her article on the Capital Daily about paramedic pay and just how paramedics in BC are struggling to make ends meet.


Part-time paramedics across the province are struggling under an outdated on-call pay system, coupled with an extra stressful year.  These issues are chasing first responders away, and leading to severe staffing shortages throughout the province.  That lack of staff in turn is putting British Columbians at risk from slower response times—in the Lower Mainland at one point in early December, a third of ambulances were out of service due to staff shortages. In a brand new article on the Capital Daily available today, reporter Jolene Rudisuela goes into detail about the pay issue in BC, which includes the fact that some paramedics only earn $2/hour for their entire 12- or 14-hour shift.  Host Ben Waterworth chats more to Jolene about her article, and finds out what steps are being brought in to make conditions better for them.