NFTs to save trees: viral photos of old-growth log for sale to support Fairy Creek blockades

By Brishti Basu
Jun 16, 2021

NFTs have been criticized for their environmental impact, but some say their fundraising potential could outweigh the harm


Bikes, bears, and biologists: can mountain biking coexist with nature?

The growth of mountain biking on the South Island is raising fundamental questions about the nature of parks


What the Caycuse blockade looks like on the ground as RCMP begin arrests

By Emily Vance
May 19, 2021

Seven protesters were arrested on Tuesday as RCMP begin to enforce an injunction to clear the way for logging companies


Video shows confrontation at Fairy Creek blockades, signalling an escalation as first charges laid

In a video shared by the Rainforest Flying Squad, a group of 10 loggers confronts a group of blockaders. It wasn't the first or only such confrontation as the blockade continues


Vancouver Island is a wild food smorgasbord. If you forage, here's how to do so respectfully.

by Kiley Verbowski
Apr 19, 2021

Jared Qwustenuxun Williams explains how enthusiasts can take part in this growing trend


Blockaders at Fairy Creek describe their experience

By Michael John Lo
Apr 10, 2021

New waves of blockaders are arriving; activists say the injunction brought them out


The Fairy Creek blockade, explained from the ground

By Harley Gordon
Apr 9, 2021

Despite an injunction, the Fairy Creek blockade swells with supporters