Meet the team of volunteers removing invasive species from local parks

By Jolene Rudisuela
August 12, 2022

Greater Victoria Green Team has been bringing community members together to restore community green spaces


Invasive species, biosolids, and algae blooms: how are Victoria’s lakes doing?

By Adam Ungstad
July 16, 2022

In close proximity to urban settlement, Victoria's lakes are facing increased pressures


Why Greater Victorians are turning their yards into meadows

Hanna Hett
July 8, 2022

Local residents are battling invasive species and cultural norms to restore the Garry oak ecosystem


A community’s quest to document every species on their Island home

Marina Wang
July 3, 2022

Naming leads to knowing, which leads to understanding. Residents of a small British Columbia island take to the forests and beaches to connect with their non-human neighbours.


Microplastics don’t travel up the local marine food chain like other contaminants, study shows

By Jolene Rudisuela
June 10, 2022

This study is a bit of good news in an area that is still not well understood, researcher says


‘The unstoppable wave’: how youth climate activists are making a difference

New award aims to inspire more youth to take steps against climate change


Off-leash dog debate out-of-hand at Cadboro Bay beach

By Ryan Hook
May 10, 2022

Whether dogs should or shouldn’t wear a leash has become so contentious at this neighbourhood beach, police have gotten involved


Victoria clothing companies wrestle with fashion's wooliest questions

By Ayesha Habib
April 22, 2022

Anian has taken over Victoria with recycled wool clothes, even expanding to Vancouver—and it's not alone in the city's green fashion movement. How far can it grow without sacrificing its core values?