Work with Us

Capital Daily is always on the lookout for writers, photographers, illustrators and data visualists. We cover virtually everything in and around Victoria, BC, from science to politics to crime to history. You need not have a Victoria address but we try to have our reporting fit these general characteristics:

  • Rooted in evidence. Conjecture and speculation is fine, but we’re going to need some stone cold facts and numbers before moving ahead on a story.
  • Speaks to a wider pattern. We’re generally not going to write a profile unless it can illustrate a broader trend. For example, we probably won’t cover a new restaurant, but we might cover a new restaurant that promises to abolish tipping.
  • Extremely readable. Important, groundbreaking news is great, but it’s not going to change anything unless people want to read about it. We think that even the most complex issues can be written without sacrificing good narrative flow.
  • Nobody else has it. We’re going to be covering many of the same issues as other Victoria outlets, but prepare to answer how your approach is different than everybody else’s.
  • Extremely non-partisan. Some of our stories will be loved by left-wingers, some by right-wingers, but our news reporting will never cheer for a side.
  • Compelling to a broad audience. If a Victoria issue can grab the attention of someone in Halifax or New York, we want to publish it. Ask yourself, “would my story look out of place on the BBC or the New York Times?”

If sending us a story idea, try to limit it to an “elevator pitch” of one paragraph, and tell us a little bit about yourself, including links to other articles you’ve written.

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