Jimmy Thomson

Jimmy is Capital Daily’s Managing Editor. He is based in Victoria, speaks both English and French, and his expertise is in environment, climate, science, and how cities influence their environments. He is a multimedia journalist who has worked in every Arctic country, reporting on science, climate change, Indigenous communities, wildlife, and resources. His work has appeared in CBC, The Narwhal, Vice, The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and many others. He is a recent grantee of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and has received more than a dozen awards from Canadian and international bodies. Jimmy sits on the board of the Canadian Association of Journalists, which is trying to make government more transparent, among other initiatives. He used to write and edit for the Syrup Trap, a wildly popular satire site that published bad headlines like "Corb Lund euthanized after breaking a leg at the Calgary Stampede." Before he was a journalist he studied sea slug brains on Vancouver Island then worked as a guide and polar bear guard in the polar regions. When he's not working he's hanging out with his niece or skiing on the North Island; someday he hopes to combine the two. You can contact Jimmy at or on Twitter @jwsthomson.


Meet Omrane and Sarah—the entrepreneurs about to lose their home

By Jimmy Thomson
Aug 1, 2020

This is part one of a series of previews of our upcoming feature on housing and water on Salt Spring Island, for subscribers only.


BC judge rules media has a right to access the Fairy Creek blockades

By Jimmy Thomson
Jul 20, 2021

Capital Daily is part of a coalition of media partners that took the RCMP to court to ensure right to access

City Hall

Councillor Geoff Young defends comments about residential schools, burials

By Jimmy Thomson
Jun 12, 2021

Young objected to the use of the words ‘genocide’ and ‘mass grave’ in a council debate on Canada Day celebrations


Independent media outlets filing legal challenge over RCMP obstruction

By Jimmy Thomson
May 26, 2021

Capital Daily is joining with a coalition of outlets and the Canadian Association of Journalists to demand the freedom to cover protests


Province co-ordinated with Pacheedaht over Fairy Creek statement, according to emails

By Jimmy Thomson
May 18, 2021

Emails obtained by Capital Daily detail co-ordination. At the time, the province denied working with the First Nation


How to make space

By Jimmy Thomson
May 19, 2021

How Victoria could flip the script on density


UPDATED: Another Victoria real estate agent accused of sexual assault

By Jimmy Thomson
Mar 27, 2021

Allegations against four real estate agents have been anonymously raised this week


Once-progressive Friends of Beacon Hill Park used to fight for the marginalized. What happened?

By Jimmy Thomson
Mar 3, 2021

The group was founded to protect a section of the park from a homophobic backlash. Now it finds itself fighting against a different marginalized group.