Kate Hildebrandt


Fits to a Tea: Victorians have a love affair with one of the world’s most popular drinks

Kate Hildebrandt
Jul 13, 2023

Where to find luxurious, historic teas and cakes in the Garden City


BC is pushing to add thousands more nurses. But nurse educators say the field needs major change first

Kate Hildebrandt
May 8, 2023

BC is years into an acute shortage of nurses as part of the broader crisis of an overwhelmed health system


How local businesses are prepping for Victoria’s busiest tourist season ever

Kate Hildebrandt
Apr 11, 2023

An estimated 850,000 travelers are expected to cruise into our town


Local harvesters and advocates rock the boat for new commercial fishing laws

Kate Hildebrandt
Mar 31, 2023

Victoria’s popular seafood industry relies on local small-scale fishers, but some say federal laws favour corporate exports over them


Century-old inner-city farm opens March 22 amid growth, change and new prospects

Kate Hildebrandt
Mar 19, 2023

Mason Street Farm is growing wellness, local farming knowledge and of course good vegetables