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“There are hundreds of bodies lying about unburied": Vivid accounts of war from Vancouver Islanders

In this special Remembrance Day feature, excerpts of diaries, letters and oral histories from both world wars, some published here for the first time


The grisly murder that horrified turn-of-the-century Victoria

The killing, committed in complete darkness on the Vic West side of the Johnson Street Bridge, drew comparisons to the work of Jack the Ripper 


What is the government’s end game on tent cities?

Everybody wants the tents gone, but few have produced plans to actually get people clean and off the street

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Capital Daily's interactive guide to Vancouver Island's 2020 candidates

Peruse the names and bios of 42 major party candidates across 14 ridings


Brush up your Salish: Expand your vocabulary with these Coastal First Nations terms

Get closer to your Vancouver Island home by learning the terms literally shaped by the Salish Sea

BC Election 2020

How to hold an election in the middle of a pandemic

For starters, you'll have to bring your own pencil


What the Beirut explosion would have done to Victoria

Virtually the entire historic downtown would have been flattened


Time for a staycation: Our guide to Vancouver Island’s hidden gems

Spooky ruins, crashed planes, famous murder weapons and some very, very tall trees