Progress and problems in the plan to house Victoria’s unsheltered population

By Brishti Basu
Mar 18, 2021

David Eby and unsheltered Victorians look forward toward a month of turmoil


UVic students say Victoria’s rental market is driving grads away

By Kate Korte
Feb 17, 2021

Victoria is facing a brain drain as high rents squeeze young people particularly hard


Victoria Airbnbs are disappearing through the pandemic, returning rentals to the market

How the pandemic did what regulators couldn’t, and how that’s played out in the rental market


In ageing Oak Bay, renters still live in a grey area

By Omar Washington
Jan 27, 2021

But behind the "tweed curtain", attitudes are starting to change toward renters, who just a decade ago were perceived as a threat to the staid municipality


‘The gaps become chasms’

By Tori Marlan
Dec 30, 2020

Sequilla Stubbs needs supportive housing. All the province has offered is a hospital bed.


You’re 64 and you’ve spent half your life incarcerated. Where can you call home?

By Anna J. James
Dec 1, 2020

Capital Daily spent a year following a “lifer” as he navigated the subsidized housing system in BC


Victoria City Council Reluctantly Bails Out the Fairfield Hotel

By Sean Craig
Jun 12, 2020

City had given the notoriously chaotic and run-down facility $500,000 in 2017, only to see minimal improvements followed by its premature closure


With Fairfield Hotel Closing, City and Operators To Meet Over Fate of $250,000 Paid to Keep It Open

By Anna J. James
Feb 26, 2020

Residents say that the notoriously poor conditions at the Fairfield Hotel have remained relatively unchanged since the funding injection