As students return to Victoria, rental scams and unaffordable rates await them

Sarah Madsen
September 5, 2023

Rental scams and loss of scholarships among consequences plaguing students


Provincial funding and simpler bylaws in sight for secondary suites

By Evert Lindquist
August 9, 2023

Victorians wrestle with pricey construction, complex building rules and fewer tenant protections for these units


Victorians are surrendering their animals to find a place to live

By Tori Marlan
May 26, 2023

Without mandated pet-friendly rentals, rescue organizations are "overrun" with abandoned cats and dogs


The Tow Away Zone: What it’s like to live in a van in Greater Victoria

Kristen Cussen
May 25, 2023

This UVic student finds himself speaking to millionaires at his day job—then sleeping in parking lots at night


RidgeView residents voice concerns and feedback to city on poor handling of building evacuation

Robyn Bell
May 9, 2023

Two weeks after the building was evacuated, residents are still looking for answers that the city of Langford does not have


UVic set to hike student housing rates by up to 10%

By Michael John Lo
April 14, 2023

A university housing survey asking students whether they would pay $2,425 a month goes viral on social media


UVic proposes 9-acre mixed-use university district

By Michael John Lo
January 25, 2023

The proposed development, which is still in early stages, would replace the Ian Stewart sports complex