Ryan Hook

Ryan Hook, Oak Bay Local Reporter, is a journalist with a love of the strange and deranged. Originally from Edmonton, Ryan is now based in Oak Bay. He speaks English and graduated with a degree in Professional Communications from MacEwan University in 2019. Ryan is a generalist with expertise in arts and culture, politics, science, drugs and therapeutic-psychedelics. From his time as an arts and culture reporter to his days as a health and wellness copywriter, Ryan has shifted his priorities the past year to begin reporting on the underserved and misreported. Since then, he has crafted a passion for reporting that’s landed him in publications such as VICE World News and Exclaim! Magazine. Beyond reporting, Ryan is also the lead singer/songwriter in his band, Baby Boy & the Earthly Delights, and is writing the first season of a children’s television show. Ryan is also a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists. You can reach Ryan by email at or on Twitter @ryanhookwrites.


Off-leash dog debate out-of-hand at Cadboro Bay beach

By Ryan Hook
May 10, 2022

Whether dogs should or shouldn’t wear a leash has become so contentious at this neighbourhood beach, police have gotten involved

Pay Check

Behind the counter: how some Victoria restaurants are beating the labour shortage

By Ryan Hook
Apr 5, 2022

The industry-wide labour shortage is putting more power in the hands of the employees, and the restaurants that adapt are surviving. Part six of our labour series, Pay Check

Real Estate

An Oak Bay redevelopment may actually decrease density

By Ryan Hook
Feb 15, 2022

A development meant to help densify Oak Bay may do the opposite


As cold weather persists, Victoria shelters are understaffed

By Ryan Hook
Dec 30, 2021

Activists and community groups are filling in gaps where government shelters fall short

Know Your Neighbour

Taking space: how a trans comedian is owning their narrative with jokes

By Ryan Hook
Aug 21, 2021

Host of Vicious Poodle's Queer Comedy Night Zane Oak tells honest, sometimes uncomfortable, accounts of being trans in a binary world