Tori Marlan

Tori's in-depth reporting has been widely published in media outlets in the US and Canada, including The Walrus Magazine and CBC’s The Doc Project. Previously, she was a staff writer for the Chicago Reader, where her stories on the criminal justice system exposed police misconduct, illegal strip searches, and systemic problems with the Chicago Police Department’s staffing practices. After she wrote about the state of Illinois’ refusal to treat a prisoner for Hepatitis C, the Department of Corrections reversed course and began giving him and other prisoners the medical attention they needed. In 2006, she received an Alicia Patterson Foundation fellowship to write about children in US immigration detention centres.


Van life and death: a memorial ceremony in Beacon Hill Park remembers man who died in van fire

By Tori Marlan
Mar 10, 2021

Mike Lockhart died on the morning of March 4 when his camper caught fire. Police are investigating


‘The gaps become chasms’

By Tori Marlan
Dec 30, 2020

Sequilla Stubbs needs supportive housing. All the province has offered is a hospital bed.


How COVID-19 backlogs are keeping a Saanich family from going to school

By Tori Marlan
Nov 7, 2020

With Canada experiencing massive backlogs in immigration, newly arrived families across the province could be unable to obtain the documents needed to enrol their kids in school


With COVID-19 benefits ending, eviction looms for Victoria’s jobless

By Tori Marlan
Oct 17, 2020

As back rent now comes due, the pandemic has outlived the province’s protections. 


“I called 75 times”: Severe backups at testing call centre hinder Island’s COVID-19 response

By Tori Marlan
Sep 29, 2020

While rapid testing was key to BC’s early success in fighting COVID-19, this has now given way to some of the longest wait times in the country


Can you really just have a python live in your backpack?

By Tori Marlan
Sep 17, 2020

Following up on the ball python who died in Victoria after repeatedly escaping from the bag of its apparently homeless owner.


How thousands of Canadian care home residents are being sedated with potentially deadly drugs

By Tori Marlan
Jul 19, 2020

In some senior's homes, up to half of all residents have been prescribed potentially dangerous anti-psychotics not for psychosis, but because it makes them easier to handle


EXCLUSIVE: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of How Ignored Warnings at William Head Allowed A Killer to Escape

By Tori Marlan
Jun 13, 2020

Our months-long investigation into the correctional system failures now alleged to have resulted in a Metchosin man murdered in his home