Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island

A ‘perfect location’ for Alone’s starvation, bear attacks, and mind games

By Tristan Wheeler
August 12, 2022

How Vancouver Island set the tone for a hit survival reality show

Vancouver Island

From Sooke to the Smithsonian: how a fossil found in a local cliff face is helping researchers understand whale evolution

By Devon Bidal
February 19, 2022

An exposed prehistoric seafloor is a hotspot for ancient whale remains, and now an international team is helping unravel their mysteries

Vancouver Island

The Jordan River was once brimming with salmon, until three industries changed it forever

By Jolene Rudisuela
February 14, 2022

Restoration efforts are slow going, but changes in industrial practice could help bring it back

Vancouver Island

From coal to cool: Cumberland booms again

By Andrew Findlay
May 25, 2021

When a sleepy town attracts wealthy digital nomads, what happens to its old-school charm?

Vancouver Island

What's happening to Vancouver Island's local food supply?

By Andrew Findlay
April 15, 2021

Rising land prices are keeping young people out of farming. Local groups, farmers and entrepreneurs are trying to change that

Vancouver Island

What will cell service mean for Port Renfrew’s future?

by Aaron Guillen
April 13, 2021

Community leaders on Juan de Fuca coast voice gratitude—and concerns

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island tourism industry defends fall snowbird ads, attacks proposed travel ban

By Brishti Basu
January 16, 2021

Border closures and a search for warmer temperatures brought snowbirds flocking to the Island. But have travellers contributed to a surge in COVID-19?