Andrew Findlay


Mount Cain was built by loggers—but now logging has come to the mountain

The North Island ski area is divided over the start of logging just outside of its boundary

Pay Check

It's been a good season for snow at Mount Washington—but not for workers

By Andrew Findlay
Mar 29, 2022

Mount Washington managers are loading lifts and bussing tables due to ongoing staff shortage. Part 4 of our series, Pay Check


He wanted to build a ski yurt. Others wanted to log. Ecological concerns killed only one of the proposals

By Andrew Findlay
Oct 19, 2021

There’s a battle in the backwoods of BC between adventure tourism and raw resource extraction, and according to some, tourism is losing in a big way.


Covid? Vancouver Island's foresters have another disease to worry about

By Andrew Findlay
Sep 20, 2021

A few years ago, Swiss needle cast wasn’t even listed as a pathogen of concern. Now, with help from climate change, it's everywhere.


Meet the endangered bird that nests high above Fairy Creek

Marbled murrelets stand as an indictment of BC’s lack of action to protect species at risk

Vancouver Island

From coal to cool: Cumberland booms again

By Andrew Findlay
May 25, 2021

When a sleepy town attracts wealthy digital nomads, what happens to its old-school charm?

Vancouver Island

What's happening to Vancouver Island's local food supply?

By Andrew Findlay
Apr 15, 2021

Rising land prices are keeping young people out of farming. Local groups, farmers and entrepreneurs are trying to change that


How to make an acid-proof oyster

By Andrew Findlay
Mar 17, 2021

Oyster farms face a fading future in acidifying oceans. But a Vancouver Island research program is trying to breed oysters that can resist the change