An internment camp ‘comedy’ opens in Victoria next week

By Tim Ford
Apr 27, 2022

Kunji Ikeda’s show, Sansei, explores his family’s connection to the Japanese internment camps


Victoria’s popular blossoms are a tribute to efforts by the deep-rooted Japanese community

By Emily Fagan
Apr 8, 2022

Blossoming trees like cherry and plum account for nearly one in four public trees in Victoria


Why Victoria’s English is nearly gone

Generations of born-and-raised Victorians spoke like they were from England, but this local accent is nearly extinct


Amid a violent year for the Chinese community, a push for a Chinatown museum

By Tim Ford
Mar 22, 2021

In Canada's oldest Chinatown, a community that has faced discrimination since its inception reckons with it today


A lion on the loose: how an unregulated Nanaimo zoo resulted in tragedy

Big cats and small children played together at Hertel’s zoo. Escapes were commonplace. Then the inevitable happened


Trove of artifacts from Esquimalt Harbour remains untouched at Royal BC Museum due to pandemic

by Aaron Guillen
Mar 4, 2021

A remediation project has uncovered centuries-old artifacts under the waves.


The dark money that built Victoria's Craigdarroch Castle

By Ann Edelstein
Dec 6, 2020

The Dunsmuir fortune was built on deadly mine conditions, strike-breaking, racist fearmongering, and stolen land


The British Columbia that might have been

By Terry Glavin
Aug 3, 2020

BC began as a model to the world of multi-ethnic settlers living peacefully among self-governing indigenous peoples—and then it all went wrong