RAD Recreation Adapted Society helps BC disabled people reach new heights in outdoor recreation

By Emily Fagan
April 29, 2022

By renting and loaning expensive adaptive gear like handcycles or ParaGolfers, the society is providing access to people who otherwise may miss out on the outdoors


How Langford became the hub of a Canadian soccer player’s union movement

By Martin Bauman
December 17, 2021

After nearly two years, the player-led movement is nearing official recognition from the league


When your team wins Olympic gold—but you’re not there

By Richard Dal Monte
August 11, 2021

Olympic athletes train for years, some missing medals by milliseconds. Victoria rower Rebecca Zimmerman missed her shot at gold for another reason


Everything you need to know about the FIBA Olympic Qualifying basketball tournament

By Cameron Welch
June 30, 2021

BC hosts its most important basketball games ever—and its first major sport event since lockdown


Vancouver Island's Olympic athletes, in photos

By James MacDonald
May 14, 2021

We checked in with the athletes who live, work, and train on the Island as they prepare for the upcoming games


West Shore rugby players take stand against toxic high-performance culture at Rugby Canada

By Nina Grossman
May 4, 2021

Athletes decry culture of 'anxiety, depression, racism, eating disorders, low self-worth, [and] mental illness'


How local athletes are coping with the maddening limbo of the Olympic postponement

By Ben Waterworth
November 19, 2020

It’s a delicate dance to be at one’s peak in time for the games, and a delay can throw that into jeopardy