Tristin Hopper

A born-and-raised Victorian, Tristin spent eight years with the National Post, becoming one of the most widely read writers on the Postmedia Network. The former Yukon associate editor for Up Here Magazine, he has also contributed to Reader’s Digest, Maisonneuve and the Globe and Mail. A frequent media commentator, he is a regular CTV panelist and has appeared on the BBC, HLN and CBC affiliates in every Canadian time zone.

The Great War

How a Failed Victoria Real Estate Agent Won the Great War

By Tristin Hopper
Nov 11, 2020

For Remembrance Day, we remember how an unassuming Victorian found himself in command of one of the world’s deadliest armies


The doomed ship that haunted a generation

By Tristin Hopper
Oct 31, 2020

The worst maritime disaster in BC history was also one of its most cruel


How deadly is COVID-19? Here’s what the numbers say. 

By Tristin Hopper
Oct 29, 2020

If you’re a toddler, it’s safer than the flu. If you’re a senior, it’s deadlier than the Spanish Flu. 

War and Peace

That time we went to war with the Americans over a pig

By Tristin Hopper
Jul 18, 2020

Within sight of the Saanich Peninsula, a seemingly laughable dispute over a pig risked exploding into world war


Where are all the US license plates coming from?

By Tristin Hopper
Jul 14, 2020

They’re not all disease-carrying interlopers


Even after dying loved ones become unresponsive they can still hear you: UBC Study

New study by Victoria-raised scientist monitored the brain activity of dying patients in their final moments


Why BC Fared So Well Through COVID-19

By Tristin Hopper
Jun 26, 2020

Chinese-Canadians may have done more than any single community to shield Western Canada from the worst excesses of COVID-19


Prevent a Second Wave: Here’s More of What We Know on How to Avoid COVID-19

By Tristin Hopper
Jun 20, 2020

It doesn't stick to surfaces as much as we thought, and is particularly slow to spread outdoors