Tim Ford

Tim Ford is a mixed-race journalist and writer based in Victoria. His bylines include CBC News, the Toronto Star, and The Tyee, and he has published fiction with Tyche Books, EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy, and Neo-Opsis Magazine.


An internment camp ‘comedy’ opens in Victoria next week

By Tim Ford
Apr 27, 2022

Kunji Ikeda’s show, Sansei, explores his family’s connection to the Japanese internment camps

Climate Change

Powering Vancouver Island is getting harder with climate change

By Tim Ford
Oct 27, 2021

Cables from the mainland were damaged by the heat this summer and thousands went without power during this week’s storm. How can the Island keep the lights on?


Isolated in Victoria: forging friendships in a city renowned for its chilliness

By Tim Ford
Aug 29, 2021

Researchers say there's little attention on adult friendships, but there are some strategies to find new friends—even here


What Victoria’s long-lost streetcars can tell us about the future

By Tim Ford
Jun 8, 2021

Victoria grew up around a streetcar system that carried Victoria’s entire population every two days. Now the city is wrestling with transportation questions that could benefit from some old-fashioned wisdom


Amid a violent year for the Chinese community, a push for a Chinatown museum

By Tim Ford
Mar 22, 2021

In Canada's oldest Chinatown, a community that has faced discrimination since its inception reckons with it today


Will your mask end up in the sea? 

By Tim Ford
Dec 7, 2020

A new study estimates more than 1.5 billion masks will enter the oceans this year.