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Capital Ideas

Nicholas Kristof on the hidden solutions to Victoria’s increasingly visible problems

By Jimmy Thomson
May 26, 2022

Kristof will be speaking in Victoria on June 27, part of Capital Daily's speaker series

Capital Ideas

OPINION: Comparing vaccine passports to the Holocaust is absurd and dangerous

By Michael Bloomfield
December 9, 2021

Hundreds gathered on the steps of the Legislature to protest on the anniversary of the Nuremberg doctors' trials. Their equation of vaccine passports with the Holocaust, Michael Bloomfield argues, is offensive

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OPINION: The surprisingly good news for Victoria about the climate emergency

By Dave Thompson
October 7, 2021

Huge changes are needed, urgently. The good news is they can improve our lives

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OPINION: ‘We need concrete actions, now’—A letter from Victoria front-line healthcare and service workers

By Marilou Gagnon
September 26, 2021

Healthcare workers argue that unsheltered people and those living in temporary and supported housing urgently need better COVID care

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What we’re reflecting on this Canada Day

Emerging from the pandemic, we’re back where we started: in a deeply flawed country

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Opinion: Victoria’s community associations need to evolve

By Jeremy Caradonna
June 21, 2021

Community associations are stacked with 'single-family home truthers,' yet wield great power over decision making, says Jeremy Caradonna