Know Your Neighbour

Know Your Neighbour

At the skatepark with novelist Michael Christie

By Eden DaSilva
October 7, 2022

The Victoria-based writer reflects on skateboarding, parenting, and community as he completes his fourth novel

Know Your Neighbour

Goodbye, Mrs. Gomez

By Michael John Lo
November 7, 2021

The namesake of Felicita’s Pub passed away in October. She is fondly remembered by students

Know Your Neighbour

Gregor Craigie wants you to get ready for the Big One

By Megan Clark
October 25, 2021

In his new book, On Borrowed Time: North America's Next Big Quake, CBC radio hosts Craigie walks us through what we need to do to prepare individually and as a society

Know Your Neighbour

Sasha Perron is running for his aunties

By Zoë Ducklow
September 30, 2021

‘It’s our time to take on some of the burden’ says the young Kwakwaka’wakw man, who ran 216 km in the wake of residential school grave discoveries

Know Your Neighbour

Taking space: how a trans comedian is owning their narrative with jokes

By Ryan Hook
August 21, 2021

Host of Vicious Poodle's Queer Comedy Night Zane Oak tells honest, sometimes uncomfortable, accounts of being trans in a binary world

Know Your Neighbour

A couple fought for their right to marry 20 years ago. Now, Alzheimer's is a different kind of fight.

By Jolene Rudisuela
July 28, 2021

Diana Denny and Robin Roberts are working through an unproven method of dealing with the disease, focusing on its root causes

Know Your Neighbour

Penniless: why a Victoria man has gone two decades without money

By Tori Marlan
July 14, 2021

David Johnston won’t touch money, except to destroy it