Snejana Vorona


Are you part of Victoria's One Percent?

Analysis of recent economics data shows a widening gulf between average workers and the top. That has been shown to sow social discontent and even worsen the spread of COVID-19.


GRAPHS: Is Victoria over-policed? Judge for yourself.

Victoria is one of the most heavily policed cities in Canada. It's also one of the most crime-heavy.


BC's lacklustre cannabis legalization, charted

By Snejana Vorona
Oct 11, 2020

Despite its disproportionately weed-smoking populace, BC has done a terrible job at getting them to buy the legal stuff


Visualizing BC's "hidden" COVID-19 victims

By Snejana Vorona
Sep 21, 2020

Beyond its confirmed COVID-19 fatalities, since lockdowns began BC has seen several hundred more deaths than would be typical


GRAPHS: How crime has risen in downtown since the onset of COVID-19

By Snejana Vorona
Aug 27, 2020

While property crime is way up, other crimes are actually way down


GRAPHIC: How many BC could have lost to COVID-19

By Snejana Vorona
Aug 19, 2020

If BC had been hit like Quebec, 3,000 would be dead instead of 200


BC's worsening overdose crisis, graphed

By Snejana Vorona
Aug 12, 2020

The peripheral effects of COVID-19 have exacerbated an opioid crisis that, until recently, was trending downwards