Jolene Rudisuela


More people go missing in BC than anywhere else in Canada. No one knows why

Police don’t track missing-persons cases by race, but on Red Dress Day, a Vancouver Island Indigenous leader says that’s not acceptable


Raids and an eviction notice won't be the end of Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club

Members rely on the club’s low-cost, high-THC products, but they say to meet the requirements of the Cannabis Act would be to dismantle the organization


A lion on the loose: how an unregulated Nanaimo zoo resulted in tragedy

Big cats and small children played together at Hertel’s zoo. Escapes were commonplace. Then the inevitable happened


Victoria’s best restaurants (according to Victorians)

Capital Daily and Tasting Victoria readers chose the city's best views, vegan food, happy hour, winter patio, coffee shop, and more


Many BC midwives had already reached their breaking point—then came COVID

The pandemic is only the latest pressure on the people who deliver a quarter of BC babies. Many are looking at the door.


Two bucks an hour: pay for many BC paramedics stuck in a previous era

Many BC paramedics are paid on a system that only pays if they get a call—and they say it's driving people away


The forgotten graveyards under Victoria

The BC capital is built atop one of the largest burial grounds of the pre-contact world


Fight the Deer, or Make Peace?

Four years after a community declared war on deer, the deer are winning